About Aryame

Arya is a loving being from the fifth dimensional realm. She is Arcturian. She is from a long lived physical form species.  The average Arcturian lives to be about four hundred years of age according to your calendar. The Arcturians are honored to help those on your planet to raise their rates of vibrations so that they can become a more loving and helpful species.  In a manner similar to those of Esther Hicks with Abraham, or Lee Carroll with Kryon, Stephanie Massengale will channel loving messages from Arya.  Humans have a limited understanding of their own vocabulary.  Arya helps you understand the difference between what you say and what you actually mean.  You may not be able to see clearly what you are doing but Arya can help you to clarify your own experience.  

The beauty of this connection is that your intention to know these answers has created the window of opportunity for this communication to even occur.  So many have wondered and looked up at the sky and hoped that other species exist.  Well, Arya can assure you that they do.  However,  most would not step any kind of foot on such a violent planet.  This is the truth.  So, in essence, speaking with Arya is like having a phone call with a wise professor; one who knows much more about the way the universe actually works.  Up until this time, you would not have had the vocabulary or understanding for such a communication to happen.  This all began in earnest, once you as a species began to effect things off of your planet.  The Arcturians have a strong non-interference policy.  This means that we cannot interfere with your natural development unless it effects other species off of your planet.

If you have found this information, then you are in alignment with it.  Feel free to ask Arya anything.  

As always, Remember to Love Yourself.  

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