About Channeling

Have you ever had a moment when you were driving your car and did not remember how you got there?  It is an automatic response and driving is somewhat hypnotic and tends to put a lot of people into an altered state of consciousness.  Meditation is another way to achieve an altered state from the fully conscious and awake state of mind.  Channeling is also accessing an altered state of consciousness.  It is a more deeper trance type state of being.  

The prophets of old would channel messages in the Bible and other Holy Texts to bring messages from other realms into your world to help with your growth.  Many times these messages were angelic in nature.  You are familiar with this type of message.  

In your current modern day understanding there are two types of channelers.  One can either be a conscious channel or an unconscious channel.  Edgar Cayce, brought through messages while asleep and unconscious.  He did not remember the information he brought through, mostly.  A conscious channel is when the human person merges energy with another consciousness to allow space for that consciousness to communicate with the people.  There are few who have this ability or this gift.  Stephanie is an incredibly accurate and gifted channel.  You are quite fortunate to have one such as she available to help you proceed on your spiritual path.  Stephanie is a conscious channel.  

Many today who are channeling are not doing it properly.  They are not true trance channels.  In order to be doing it properly there are many things to look for to know whether or not you have found a channeler of quality.  

1)  The message is always a loving message that is for your growth.  If the message you hear, is fear based then you have found someone who is channeling improperly.  

2)  The channeler has to be able to get up and walk around while channeling.  If the person is simply channeling their own higher self or if the person is ego based then they will not have the strength to get up and walk around while channeling.  

3) There must be a shift in the accent of the person speaking.  One cannot maintain one's natural voice pattern when channeling.  That is outside of the law of physics.  To merge two conscious aspects requires a much more intense use of vocalization.  This is why the voice accent is different.  

4)  The speech patterning will always be different in vocabulary.  In essence, the being delivering the message is the same as if you are listening to someone who has translated from another language like Italian for example.  The verbiage must be different from the normal speech pattern of the individual.  Many today are attempting channeling and they are not really doing it.  One must use discernment with the information one hears.  

5)  A selected few are meant to channel.  Very, very few in number.  If one is not prepared for the experience of channeling then it can be something that will cause the individual attempting it, many problems in the long run.  

6)  We are fast approaching many new and unexpected experiences on your lovely world.  More then ever, you will need to practice discernment.  At this current time, anyone can post anything on your Internet.  Who is the Source?  How accurate is the material you are buying into?  One needs to pay close attention to what is actually happening. Arya is here as a resource to help you on your path.  

And as always, remember to Love Yourself.  

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