"I am grateful for Stephanie's perspective, support, and intuitive insights.  Stephanie is a powerful intuitive and energy healer.  Her clairvoyant propensity is uncommonly high and very notably, she works to empower you developing trust with yourself.  She wants to help you understand yourself and your world so you can see it more clearly from a broader perspective, in the context of your soul's purpose.   She is a great resource for helping develop your connection to what the higher part of you is calling for, to live aligned and harmoniously.    Just being around Stephanie will likely remind you of the wonder of living."

Walker T., San Francisco. CA 


"Stephanie is an outstanding intuitive life coach.  Her information is clear and helpful and her method is professional and gentle.  I highly recommend her to anyone in need of personal insight and guidance."

Philip Young, PhD - Professional Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Cary, NC


Stephanie is a wonderful intuitive who has a keen gift to help people who struggle with situations in their life or who are looking for answers. She has an innate connection to Spirit and through this provides advice and comfort to the person receiving a reading. A real strength Stephanie has is exploring your past lives. This helps unlock pieces of your past which can help you understand yourself better today, and may help you recognize patterns that come up lifetime after lifetime. Stephanie has a true talent and a very strong connection with Spirit that I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic reading!

Melissa Peil, Psychic and Intuitive Medium, Kirkland, WA