Sometimes coming to earth is a little bit like someone giving you a new car.  Here are the keys now go have fun and drive that car. And your response would be, “What are keys? “

It would have been so nice if being born and living out your life came with a manual.  This is how you do it…

meBeware of the following…  Make certain to try this stuff out… 

Oh, yeah, the free will thing again.  Is it a blessing or a curse or neutral?  Hmmm…..

One of the talents that I have to share with you is that I have the ability to see things from many many different perspectives.  I also ask lots of questions.  Growing up, I would have been the child that asked “Why?”  all the time. 

It is my intention that you find the spiritual tools that enable you to live the life you intend.  If I share twenty new ideas or perspectives with you in a session then that is twenty new possibilities for you to consider.  Keep the ones that resonate for you and throw out the rest.  How many “aha” moments do you have in a session? 

People tend to get locked into patterns.  They have patterns that they are not even aware they have or of where they came from.  If you have always done something a certain way and it isn't working for you then why do it? 
The idea is to create the possibility to explore all of the options that this planet has to offer while you are here that you choose to explore. 

Absolutely, Amazing.