My services as an intuitive life coach are tailored for your location and meeting preference. I will travel to you to provide services, but if you are outside of my service area, rest assured a telephone or internet session provides the same results. Please check my event schedule for dates and times that I may be near your location. Here I have listed service packages that are available. Please note, service via phone requires sending a recent photo of you.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Regular Service


Client Office Visit

$120 for 60 minutes**

Spring Special $100 till May 15th

$40 for 20 minutes

$40 for 20 minutes

** First session is 75 minutes in length.

Stephanie follows a specific life coaching format that she has developed over the years with her clients.  There are seven major areas of focus that will be discussed in a session. These are:  Finances, Career, Physical Body, Intuition, New Adventures, Connection to God, and Relationships.  Relationships encompasses a large variety of things and is discussed in further depth to include your relationship to yourself, partner, children, friends, family and pets.  Stephanie helps you create the plan to improve all the areas of your life and to create the life you intend to live.  Follow up session are scheduled at 2 or 4 week intervals to track your progress.  All sessions start with a prayer to set space.  I will ask your permission for a session and then we start.  Most sessions include checking the energy of the chakra system. 

Mediumship Services

Introductory Price - $125 for 90 minutes
normally $150 for 90 minutes

Stephanie has been trained by Britain's most well known psychic, Tony Stockwell. The Mediumship service is where Stephanie uses her gift to relate and deliver messages from loved ones who have transitioned. Due to the nature of this work, a session is 90 minutes in length. Time is required to set space properly for communicating with the dearly departed, and those that are still in the Earthly realm. In general, these sessions are emotional for the participants and also provide solace for clients.

For further information, please email Stephanie.

Mediumship Class
$50 per class (120 minutes of group session)

Stephanie offers a mediumship training and development class focusing on your intuitive gifts.  She will help you tune and develop your psychic skill in a varied skill group environment. Beginner or Master, you will have the opportunity to learn from Stephanie or other students in class.  Classes meet every two weeks with a group size of 5 to 7. There is no contract and students can attend as their schedule allows.  Call or email for more information.

Conversations With Arya

Small Group Sessions

Session groups for Arya are for 4 to 12 people.  Each person pays $30 to attend a two hour event. Hosts for these events usually attend for free depending on attendance numbers.

House / Property Clearing and Cleansing

$200 per hour
For an average home, Clearing and Cleansing requires 2 hours
 (An Average home is approximately 2000 sq feet)

Energies and entities are sticky like glue. Stephanie offers clearing and cleansing to guide Spirits into the Light. She clears the land and restores the energetic balance of the space.